World Cup 2018 & AV Technology

Are you watching the World Cup this year?

Even though USA didn’t make the cut this time, we, and over half of the entire world’s population – according to FIFA’s website – are following the World Cup this year! One of the world’s most watched sports, soccer, is now wining over Americans’ hearts. If you are one of the 4 billion soccer fans out there, pay attention to these three AV tips to enjoy the matches!

First things first – be sure that your TV’s, computers, and video walls are powered and connected!

Second – nothing is more exciting than hearing the sportscaster’s voice scream: ‘GOOOOOAL!’ So, make sure your speakers are good to go!

Third – don’t assume that your regular sports channel will broadcast the game and make sure that you are connected to the right source, whether it be on Cable TV or Internet stream. Nothing is more disappointing than missing out on a match while it’s happening! No sports channel or streaming app? No worries! Just head to your favorite sports bar in the city and you’ll be good to go!

Last but not least, make sure to have fun! Enjoy!


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