Why invest in an AV Technology?

By Tech-Ops

Nowadays, it’s not an exaggeration to say that to some degree all businesses depend on AV/IT Technology.

AV/IT plays a very important role in your day-to-day operation. Whether you are having a meeting internally or with a customer in another city, AV helps us connect ‘physically’ while being miles apart. IT is the backbone that connects us and keeps our systems integrated.  Communication is key! Finance departments need to get information from the Sales department’s latest initiatives and Marketing teams have to analyze and understand customer needs and desires…all in real time.  It is safe to say, if the internet is down or your network is disrupted, to some businesses, is a wasted day at the office.

AV technology aims to make your life easier. It is responsible for creating an engaging, collaborative, innovative and interactive work environment all while keeping your corporate wallet in mind. Travel costs and frequent conferences add up and isn’t always the strongest leverage.

The best system design is made with ideas and insights from the end user, considering their comfort, their accessibility and the day-to-day needs of the operation. Thoughtfulness when determining placement will allow the proper location of power, AV & IT infrastructure, projector and screen/display, sound and room control. Taking these ‘details’ into consideration during the design phase, will smoothly integrate the required technologies and features into the room and user experience.

Collaboration between design professionals and end users will help gain clarity on user requirements, determine synergies among other trades such as architects and construction, and ultimately develop flexible solutions. Rather than a fixed installation, for example, you can have a projector and screen incorporated into the ceiling design, where the casing is mounted within the ceiling structure, creating a flush surface.

Two different factors that are invariably connected and will change the outcome of your project are: timeline and the right integrator.  A professional will be able to manage the project and its lifecycle from the start and will give you a reasonable and tenable end date all while foreseeing incidents and communicating and resolving issues. Of course, problems and delays will arise, but a capable integrator will manage them before they transform into larger obstacles. Check for references, see their work, and pick wisely!