Telemedicine – Are you ready for the future?

Adopting new technology comes with some aches and pains. It’s a brave new world! We are accustomed to the fact that you can communicate with a friend that lives on the other side of the world without having to wait days for a letter to come. Nowadays you can see them and chat as if you were in the same living room. You just need the right device, software and internet connection and you can be as social as ever.

The same principle is used in Telemedicine. Launched in 2015, Telemedicine is changing the way people go to their doctor’s appointments. In a world where having the time to see a doctor is sometimes considered a luxury, Telemedicine has come to change that, encouraging a healthier way to live.

Telemedicine is based on quick (5-7 minutes, average) appointments with your physician, when a non-so serious clinical exam is needed, like the flu, for example. This improves the physician’s work/life balance as it saves time, decreases cancellation rates, and generates income.

For physicians, a high-definition screen and a reliable internet connection are required since you will have to deal with blood test analysis and diagnose possible inflammations (like a sore throat).  Also for a physician, they will need a private room/space with the technology to conduct these appointments in order to pass confidence to patients and help them feel secure. Taking these facts into consideration, a physician can increase the size of their practice while working fewer hours.

The technological demands on the patient side are fairly light.  A smartphone could easily do the trick!  Would you telemedicine with your primary physician?

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