Meet the CEO

Meet Achille Raspantini

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Achille Raspantini, an Emmy Award winning Broadcast executive, who has been able to successfully manage the convergence of Broadcasting, Audio Visual and IT communications tools for the past 30 years, is Tech-Ops’ founder and CEO.

Having gained a deep understanding of client needs during his 10-year tenure at ABC, under the mentorship of industry icon Julius Baranthan, he then honed his skills as a sales executive at Sony’s Recording Media Division, before founding Tech-Ops (formerly Technical Operations) in 1994. While at ABC and Sony, Achille compiled an impressive array of production credits and made a number of lasting contributions to the broadcast industry, including:

  • Served as Associate Producer of ABC-TV’s Lovingsoap opera, and as Production Manager of 20/20.
  • Launched Telefirst, the first pay-per-view broadcast system, as a joint venture between ABC and Sony.
  • Developed the first Closed Captioning for a TV soap opera.
  • Received the Sports Emmy Award for Individual Achievement for serving as Technical Supervisor and Operations Manager for ABC’s lauded coverage of the 1988 Olympics
  • Led a partnership between ABC and Sony to develop miniature “body cameras” for ABC Wide World of Sports.
  • Led the development of the parabolic microphone system, widely used today for sports coverage.

As the CEO of Tech-Ops, Achille leads a team of technical professionals and innovators currently serving more than 400 clients across all industries, and who have an impressive array of accomplishments, including:

  • Created the hardware and software to develop and manage NBC’s News Archive – and supplied the technical and maintenance staff.
  • Constructed TV studios and control rooms for several major television networks.
  • Recently designed, constructed and updated digital facilities for several Fortune 500 companies and a long list of government and military clients.
  • Currently providing Broadcast, AV and IT staffing and managed services for over 150 separate clients, including a major broadcaster’s executive studios and two international financial service companies.